How School Counselors Can Help Your Student

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Barron Whited, Agora Cyber Charter School Guidance Counselor, discusses how guidance counselors can help your child get through another school year.

How School Counselors Can Help Your Student

As the school year is well underway, students may need some additional support to help them cope with growing pains. School counselors are an excellent resource to help your child. They can also serve as a support in difficult times in and out of school.   If you or your child has never spoken to your school counselor, then this is fantastic opportunity to explore how they can help your student academically, emotionally, and personally. Here are some ways a school counselor can help your student and family:

1.       Being a Advocate

2.       Provide Academic Resources

3.       Give Emotional Support

4.       Explore Careers and Colleges

5.       Create a Graduation Plan

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