H.E.A.L.T.H.Y. Eats: Oatmeal-Berry Pancakes

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Kristina Marinkovich, author of the cookbook H.E.A.L.T.H.Y Eats, shares a recipe for Oatmeal-Berry Pancakes.  

Oatmeal-Berry Pancakes

Submitted by: Alycia Darby

Pageant Coach and Host of the #1 iTunes Pageant Podcast at WinAPageant.com


2-4 Eggs

about 1 cup Instant Oats oatmeal

handful (about ½ cup)of Berries (any kind)

1 splash (about 1 tbsp) of coconut oil

½ cup of pancake mix

2 big splashes (about ½ cup) of Almond milk 

Mix together all ingredients: Eggs, Instant Oats, Pancake Mix, Almond Milk, Berries, splash of olive oil, 2 splashes of almond milk 2. Heat fry pan to medium heat. 3. Spoon out some mixture onto fry pan and flatten into a pancake. 4. Let one side cook until solid on one side. 5. Flip pancake with spatula to other side and finish cooking. Put pancakes on plate and top with another handful of berries that can be squished as ‘syrup’. Makes about 2-4 pancakes.

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