Dog reunited with family

Central PA Live

After their dog disappeared one day more than 5 years ago the Riendeau family thought, their long-haired Daschund named Lady was gone forever.

Thanks to the I.D. chip, she had imbedded years ago, she’s back home. While her movements are slower, her eyes are not as bright, but for her owner, having Lady back home is a miracle.

She walked off the yard one day five years ago, then Wednesday the owner got a phone call from animal control. They scanned her for an imbedded I.D. chip and they eventually located the owners.

It’s likely that hte dog was living with another family for awhile before she was taken to the vet and scanned.

The vets at the veterinary hospital say getting an I.D. Chip in your pet dog or cat is probably the best insurance to get them back if they are lost.

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