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After Barbara Bush passed away, the late former President George H.W. Bush was given a service dog to help aide him in what would be his final days.

Sully the Service Dog will go on to help other veterans who may be suffering with the emotional and physical trauma of recent wars as per his wishes. Sully will get his full time placement starting next year.

He really was just such a giving President and even though he is now passed on, he continues to warm our hearts in other ways, too.

It was recently revealed that the 41st President sponsored a 7-year-old boy in the Philippines named Timothy.

For 10 years, Bush sent funds that went toward Timothy’s eduction, extra curricular activities and his meals.

According to the non-profit compassion international, who made the revelation, Bush used a pseudonym — G Walker — when he wrote letters to the boy.

Keeping the secret that the benefactor was a former President was no easy task.

A security team carefully screened each letter, but Bush would sometimes give more information than he was supposed to, like saying he’d been to the White House, and his dog Sadie had met a lot of famous people.

Luckily, Timothy never caught on to the hints, and didn’t find out who his sponsor was until he graduated from the program.

Compassion International partners with local churches in countries all around the world.

Their main goal is to fund early education, help expectant mothers in need, and encourage those in poor communities.

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