2 Cents: Kid Video Comment Ban

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YouTube will now longer allow comments on videos that contain young children.

The company announced Thursday that it is disabling commenting on most videos that feature young children, and will do the same for videos of older children at risk of attracting predatory behavior.

YouTube also says its launching an artificial intelligence moderator that can detect and remove twice the number of individual comments.

Content from trusted partners like family video-bloggers and known YouTube stars will be exmpt.

The change comes after the discovery that a pedophile ring was using  YouTube’s comments to find a share clips showing young children in states of undress.

The discovery prompted boycotts, corporatins from Disney to McDonald’s and Fortnite-Maker Epic Games pulled their advertisements from the site.

The move isn’t going over well with some content creators, though. Some say they are being punished for the behavior of a small group of predators.

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