2 Cents: Grape Juice is Manly

Central PA Live

Welch’s wants you to know that grape juice is a very manly beverage.

The company’s new ad campaign depicts burly men picking grapes, driving trucks and guzzling down grape juice.

The ads also include fast-motion, grape-pounding manufacturing sequences meant to appeal to primal masculine instincts.

Those shots feature a machine the narrator calls “The El Diablo Multi-Ton Grape Pulverizer”.

The “Tough as Grapes” ad campaign also features a bold on-screen banner reading “the world’s toughest anti-oxidants”.

According to adadge.com, the strategy of promoting disease-fighting anti-oxidants is a pitch to Generation X-Men.

Welch’s embarked on the idea after the research showed Gen-X Men were a reliable consumer base for juice.

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