2 Cents: Bill Gates Gross Prop

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Bill Gates used a gross prop in his pitch for new toilet technology to help solve the world’s sanitation problems.

While hosting the reinvented toilet expo in Beijing today, the Microsoft founder held a jar of human feces in his hand.

Gates wants to commercialize futuristic toilets that don’t need water or sewers.

According to the World Health Organization, about 2.3 billion people still do not have basic sanitation facilities like toilets or latrines. Gates said the jar in his hand could contain up to 200 trillion Rotavirus, 20 billion Shigella Bacteria, and 100,000 Parasitic worm eggs.

For the past seven year, teams have been competing in the “Reinvent the toilet challenge” to develop waterless toilets.

Bill and Melinda Gates have given $200 million towards the coemption to compete, toilets had to cost less than 5 cents per day to operate, and work without external power or running water.

Gates notes production of the toilets is in its initial phase, and they won’t be available in the poorest areas for at least a decade.

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