2 Cents: Asking Friends About the Future

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You’ve probably heard it or are guilty of asking your friends or family questions like “When are you getting married?” or the famous “So when are you going to have a kid?”

While you may mean it as a nice gesture or even as a joke, it can often times make someone feel uncomfortable. Should you be asking these questions, or if we are asked, what is the proper way to respond?

Here are some tips for those situations

If you are asked

Talk to your significant other about it so you know what you want to say when asked, this way you avoid deflecting the question and give an answer your comfortable with.

Answers with an undefinitive phrase like “What will be, will be, or when are we ready?”

If those don’t seem like the right choice try changing the subject smoothly. For instance, “We haven’t really talked about it, but speaking of when things will happen. You said you want to get another job, are you still looking?”

If you are asking

There could be a reason that you are not aware of, and they don’t want anyone to know.

They might not want to get married or rush into it, marriage isn’t for everybody.

It could add to stress they may already have about the subject.

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