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Protecting Yourself from Online Fraud During the Holiday Season

The online holiday shopping season has arrived, and that means scammers will be launching fake websites offering deals that are in some cases too good to be true. Phil Reitinger, President and CEO of Global Cyber Alliance, shares his tips for avoiding these scams!

The Department of Justice estimates that more than 4,000 ransomware attacks have occurred since the beginning of the year, representing at 300% increased from 2015. Also, because 70% percent of employees admit shopping during work hours, that can leave many small businesses at risk.

Peak scamming days during the holiday season:

·         Black Friday - 88.76% higher than the month prior

·         Saturday the 25th - 106.19% higher than the month prior

·         Sunday the 26th - 114.32% higher than the month prior

·         Cyber Monday - 118% higher than the month prior


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