Update On Hurricane Irma

Irma remains a very dangerous hurricane that will effect our nation

Hurricane Irma did weaken from a category 5 to a category 4 storm today as there was some influence from the winds passing over parts of Cuba. The eye of this storm is traveling to the west-northwest along the northern coast of Cuba. Once the storm makes a turn northward away from Cuba Saturday night it is forecasted to maybe regain category 5 strength.

As of now it looks like the storm will be pass near the Florida keys early Sunday morning and then will travel northward through the peninsula Sunday through Monday. The strongest winds will be just to the east of the eye of the storm,  but keep in mind this is a very large storm and hurricane force winds will be felt across the entire state. Storm surge warnings are in effect for almost all of the Florida coastline and there will also be issues along the Georgia and South Carolina coastline. 

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