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We test drive cars, do a walk through of a house, and date before we make a commitment. So the question is why do we walk into a snowsports shop and then buy skis or a snowboard off a wall. It's time to change that. How? The answer to make the best choice is try a demo program before making a ski choice. When attending the 2013 Weather Summit at Steamboat Springs, my daughter and Rebecca packed our ski boots but none of the rest of our gear. Why? We're eastern skiers and knew that there is better for us for the beautiful western snow. We decided to go for the demo program. Our first skis were the men and women's version of the Nordica's Hell and Back skis. It was our first day on the slopes and for the day,  just never felt comfortable and my daughter tore through everything and wore me out fast. I blamed it on the time shift or being tired. But on the second day, I switched to a heavier K2 Aftershock skis (the image of this article). while my daughter kept her original skis.

Day 2 was like heaven on these skis. I got all of my confidence back and just tore up the mountain. And could not get enough. So the two of us had a blast. Since I did so much better, Rebecca thought that since I had such a revelation, there may be better for her. So on Day 3 she went for a new pair of Nordica and hated it. Her quote was that she could not find out what the skis were good for. They didn't perform in the bumps, flats, steeps or ice. It's probably not the skis as much it was just not a match to her. She's going back to the original skis for day 4.

The moral of the story, spend the extra rental fee and go for the higher end demos before buying. Most major resorts like Steamboat Springs and many ski shops have them. Try before you buy. You won't regret.

If you are ever at Steamboat Springs. Check out the Pro Shop in the Gondola square. Ask questions while you are there and they will best find what may be those skis for you.

Happy Turns,

Joe Murgo

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