October Weather Summary

October was mild but warm but wet month. Though the precipitation came mainly with two events. A solid rainfall on the second and the downpours from what was Hurricane Sandy. Some places had their first wet snowflakes but it was actually less than recent years. Last year we had record breaking snowfall.

Here are some of the facts for this month (based on Altoona's numbers): 33rd warmest on record with an average temperature of 53. Warmest was 58.9 set in 1963. 10th wettest on record with 5.55". Wettest was 9.39" set in 1929. Only a trace of snow. Snowiest was 5.5" set last year.

Climo. Averages                     Actual:
Ave High: 61.2                      Ave High: 61.8 (+.6)
Ave Low: 41.0                      Ave Low: 44.3 (+3.3)
Ave Temp:  51.1                   Ave Temp: 53.0 (+2.1)
Precip Month: 2.60"*             Month Precip: 5.55" (+2.95")
Precip To Year: 29.99"*         Precip to Year: 32.82" (+2.83")
Season Snow: .1"*               Season Snow: T" (-.1")
Year Snow:  23.5"*               Snow to Year: 12.2" (-11.3)

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