Helpful Upper-Body Exercises

By Steve Newton

Published 01/16 2014 07:46PM

Updated 01/16 2014 07:50PM

Gyms often offer classes in the fall to work out the main muscle groups for winter sports. You may not have been able to take one of these classes this year, but you can incorporate some exercises into your routine that should help you on the mountain. In this section I’m just covering some upper-body exercises.


: If you’ve snowboarded before, you know you are going to fall down a lot when you start and this will help you get back up quick. For more advanced boarders, it’s still a good exercise for your shoulders, chest, and arms.

Start on your toes with your arms shoulder width apart and inhale as you go down, keeping your back straight. Make sure to not let your chest touch the ground and exhale as you go back up.

If you’re really good, put your hands on a balance board and do the workout. Starting out you can have your knees on the ground, but try to work up to being on your toes.

Dips: Another good arm workout which you’ll need to push yourself back on to your feet. The exercise mainly works your triceps, but also works your shoulders and back. It can be done with a chair, single stair, or on the ground.

Place your hands behind your body on the surface (chair, step, or the floor) and have your buttocks just ahead of where your hands are. Bend your shoulders and elbows and lower yourself until the elbows make a 90° angle. Extend to return to the start position.

Forearms: It’s a good idea is to also work out your forearms doing either wrist curls or plate pinches. Plate pinches require two weight plates of equal weight while the curls require dumbbells or barbell.

For plate pinches, start with the two plates together facing outward. Grip the plates with your thumb on one side and fingers on the other and squeeze while holding them at your side. When you feel like the weights are about to slip out of your hand, set the plates down and repeat with the other arm. Try to hold the plates for an equal amount of time on each arm.

For wrist curls, start in a kneeling position at a flat bench with the barbell or dumbbells in your hand with wrists hanging over the edge. Curl your wrists upwards while exhaling and slowly lower them while inhaling. Your forearms should not be moving during this exercise. Turn your wrists over to ensure you perform both the palms-up and palms-down version of the exercise.

Have fun and stay safe.

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