Getting Your Kids To The Next Level - Part 2

Again, let me start off with saying that getting your kids to specifically match their skis is not usually something you have to worry about. It will come when it is needed. What you need to work on is to get your kids more comfortable and having fun on the slopes.

Here is another game to play with the kids to tune their skills. Head to a slope upon which they seem to plow through and is a little more difficult then ideal comfort zone. This game is easy: they are not allowed to pass you. Start off fairly easy and consistent but then mix up your own skiing encouraging them to stay behind you. Make wide turns then small turns. Go from faster to slower as you head down the slope.  By varying your turns and speed, they will learn to vary their turns and speeds while just focusing in on you and letting their muscles learn. Once they get it, reward them with a hot chocolate and then watch as their skiing (and yours) have now improved.

Happy Turns,

Joe Murgo

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