A Hummingbird? Maybe Not.

By Joe Murgo

Published 04/30 2014 07:57PM

Updated 04/30 2014 08:00PM

Hummingbird MothWhat kind of animal is small, flutters its wings at an incredibly fast rate and makes a humming noise? Your first thought is probably the hummingbird, but that’s not the only correct answer.


This hummingbird look-alike is actually a hummingbird clearwing moth. The moth flies and moves just like its bird counterpart, emits a humming sound and uses its long tongue to sip nectar from flowers. The hummingbird clearwing moth has a green color on its head with a dark burgundy abdomen and clear wings accompanied by reddish outlines. It can be found in many parts of central Pennsylvania, as well as much of the eastern half of the United States. Other types of hummingbird moths can be seen across the country. These insects will be out and about in the spring when flowers are blooming, but summer is a better chance to see them, when bee balms are in bloom.


Have you spotted this tricky insect that plays itself off as a hummingbird? What about other neat insects? Take a photo and upload it to the Eyes on Central PA Mission on Project Noah. Your photo may be featured on this blog or in Chief Meteorologist Joe Murgo’s next on-air broadcast!

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