Working in the Cold

Working in the Cold

How are outdoor workers coping?
ALTOONA - As our very cold January continues, conditions have been taking a toll on some of those who are required to be outdoors for their jobs.  WTAJ  Reporter Kevin Flanigan caught up with some of those  working outside  to find out  how they are coping the with the frigid conditions.

"For about a decade, liberty tax has managed to have somebody out  on this corner  attracting attention  despite the weather conditions." 
For the last month the man in the statue of liberty costume  waving at traffic in front of the Morningside Plaza has been  Anthony Forese.   He says   the conditions have been tough.

"Its pretty cold.   Its gets down, in the morning its like ten degrees,   I've been out to like 9 o'clock at night.   Gets down to seven.  You know   but you do what you gotta do you know. "
Forese says he knew what he was getting into when he applied for this job on line.  For him the key to survival is dressing for the conditions.

 "What do you do to prepare your self for standing out in the cold?  Long johns,   a scarf, , gloves  hand warmers  foot warmers, the works." 

 He added the wind that bothers him more than the cold temperatures when he's standing outdoors for  extended periods.   But being active helps.

"You know I wave,    I give the thumbs up, occasionally I will do a dance if I am really that motivated."

 Across Plank Road, the locked out Penelec workers are along dealing with the cold weather as they spend long hours on the picket line.  One of their best ways to deal with conditions is  keeping a wood fire  going.

And down the street an Altoona Water Authority crew dealing with a broken pipe under ground said they  were being challenged by the winter temperatures.  For all of those required to be outdoors,  the key to  survival  in this weather is putting  on plenty of layers  and topping it off with wind and water resistant gear.
"Yeah I mean actually if you get the right clothes on and enough layers, You really don't even notice it.   Especially when you are working most of the time anyway when you are in the cold." 

 Despite their ability to deal with the cold, many of those who are spending their hours out here, say they look forward to warmer days ahead,     In Altoona, Kevin Flanigan WTAJ   News.

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