Windshield Wonder

Windshield Wonder

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Windshield Wonder  $9.99
The microfiber windshield cleaner for inside or outside the car. Conforms easily to the shape of your windshield.
The Windshield Wonder  is designed to make cleaning windshields fast and easy.  It combines a microfiber cloth with a long reach handle and a pivoting head to make windshield cleaning faster and easier than ever. The microfiber cleans spotlessly with just plain tap water.

Here is what one WTAJ Viewer had to say about her Windshield Wonder:

"I recently purchased a "Windshield Wonder" to make cleaning the windshield easier. I'm not impressed as it left it badly streaked.The wand is a great idea because it reaches the hard-to-reach areas. I tried it on my storm door and got the same results. All had to be done over again. I'd be interested in your opinion on this product."
Phylis Ryden

We recently got this note from a WTAJ Viewer and a Windshield Wonder tester:

Hi Amy,
I watched in August when you did a Test It Tuesday on the Windshield Wonder.  I, too, was not impressed by these "Miracle Cloths"  UNTIL I LEARNED HOW TO  USE IT!!! 
I thought the window must be dry, when you finish.  This is not true.  When using it, dampen the cloth, rub it over the window; but do NOT day it.  Allow the window to be slightly wet.  Just walk away!  When you come back, the window is clean and streak free.  There are cloths out there (sold as a fundraiser for my cousin's church down in Fairbrook, PA) and I originally had the same problem with it.  My cousin, then, explained that you use a damp cloth (wet & wring as dry as possible) and then walk away, letting the window stay slightly wet.
It is amazing!  I thought the Windshield Wonder might be the same; but just now got to purchase it.  When I tried it the same way as my Mystic Maid Cloth, it worked fantastically. 
Unless, you got rid of yours, please go back and try it this way for yourself and see how simple it makes cleaning windows, glass tables, etc.  I would be anxious to hear your opinion afterward.
Carol Koch

Here is another note from a viewer:

         I saw you do the test on this some time back, so I had purchased it. The rating you gave was a 3 star (maybe even a 2 1/2) because it still left streaks on it. I tell you what worked great for me. In the bottle put either window washer fluid, Windex, or a mixture of Vinegar and water. Either three works great. Myself, I just used the spray bottle and sprayed the inside of my windshield a little and then used the Windshield Wonder and it worked great for me. No streaks and I was able to clean the entire inside. Just wanted to give you a little tip in case someone ever asks you about that product and if you have ever heard if anyone really liked it.
Teri Strayer
Tipton, PA

We agree with Phylis.  It cleans the windshield but you don't have a perfect "streak free" look.  We had lots of streaks left and it is not good for really tough spots.  The design does help you reach the far corners.  I could see this being a great gift for people who collect all kinds of car cleaning gadgets.  We gave the Windshield Wonder a 2 and 1/2 out of 4 stars.  This is one of those products you might just have to try yourself.

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