Why Plant a Tree?

Why Plant a Tree?

There are many good reasons to plant a tree and Jody Wallace of the Blair Conservation District tells us why.
Jody Wallace is from the Blair County Conservation District and today she was a guest on the show to talk about all the reasons why planting trees are important. There are envirnmental, economic and social impacts associated with planting trees Jody says.

Trees give us oxygen to breath. They take in all of the carbon dioxide and turn it into oxygen. If there were no trees we would be dead by now because of the lack of oxygen. Some of the factories that cut down and/ or burn down the forests do not realize they work as giant air filters for us. They can take out dust particles and heat from air. Trees also clean the soil.

Trees clean the soil by absorbing harsh chemicals and other pollution particles that have entered the soil in it. They can either store the chemicals in them or change it into a less harmful form. They filter sewage and farm chemicals. They also reduce the effects of animal waste; roadside spills and clean the water before it enters into the soil. They decrease the amount of noise around your neighbourhood.

To learn even more be sure to watch the video and find out all Jody has to say about trees.

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