Why is the Fall Foliage Duller in Places This Year?

In some places, the leaves don't look quite as vibrant as recent autumns. Is there a reason?
Many people have been noticing that in some places the fall foliage just doesn't look as vibrant as recent years. If you agree, it's not you. The color is not quite as bright this year. A lot of people would think it's because of the warmth this month, but it's not quite that. Some of our warmer autumns have put on a good show. So what is it? It's actually all of the dry weather we had for the late-summer and early-autumn. This was an impressive stretch of dry weather, enough to stress a lot of the trees. When the trees are stressed, they tend to drop their leaves faster. This means that a lot of the leaves are falling as soon as, if not even before they reach a good color. With less leaves of color in the trees, the hills are not quite as afire with color. The recent rains were just a little too late to help much.

But any color is better than no color and we do live in a great looking part of the nation.
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