We Tour a White Bison Farm

We Tour a White Bison Farm

White Bison are extremely rare and even considered good luck by a native american tribe, but did you know there is a White Bison Farm in Cambria County? Check out the video to see more!

As the song goes, "Oh give me a home, where the buffalo roam". Dave and Jodi Cronauer did just that, only the home isn't out west somewhere. It's right here in Central PA.

"They're still wild. We do not go in with our Buffalo. We do not wander through and comb them out, so when you saw the burdock... that's because we don't go in and comb them out... They're still wild animals and we respect that. We completely respect that," Jodi explained.

Their piece of paradise in Cambria County is called "White Bison Farm" for a reason. The Cronauers farm is home to some very rare residents - White Buffalo. "Lightning" is the bull. He recently fathered babies that are also white.

"The fact that we have him is unique in and of itself, but the fact that he is having babies that are white is extremely rare," said Jodi.

The white buffalo is so rare, Hollywood even used it as the centerpiece to a 1977 film.

"The White Buffalo" starred Charles Bronson as Wild Bill Hickok, a man, haunted by the legendary giant white buffalo in his dreams.

Jodi says their white buffalo is nothing like what's been depicted in the movies.

"They also trust us. So, we have a couple of them... that will come up and you can pet their noses," said Jodi.

The buffalo are not alone. There are also pigs and horses on their farm. White Bison Farm is not open to the public, but the Cronauers say they would be open to educational tours.

Want to learn more? Check out the White Bison Farm website.

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