Water Jet Power Washer

The Water Jet Power Washer claims it can easily connect to your garden hose and give you extra water power for cleaning.
Water Jet

  • easily connects to a garden hose
  • comes with two easy to attach nozzles ( fan spray and stream)
  • shoots about 15 feet out for hard to reach areas
  • not enough power for heavy duty power washing projects

***TEST IT TUESDAY REVIEW*** - We are giving the Water Jet a 3 out of 4 star rating.  It does what it claims---you do get some extra water power from your hose.  The bad part is if you are expecting a heavy duty power cleaning this just doesn't have that much power.  It is more convenient and easier to move around compared to a big power washer, but it doesn't have the power to cut through moss or heavy dirt on cement.

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