Warning for Seniors

Warning for Seniors

Seniors warned about expensive advice.
 A local agency on aging that covers several counties in the region is warning seniors about an effort to take advantage of them financially. This warning is being issued because a number of seniors have reported getting this letter from what is called the senior advisory center. That non - government agency   appears to be most interested in collecting fees for some unnecessary help with paper work.
The Huntingdon, Bedford and Fulton county area agency on aging wants to let seniors know that they do not need to pay for help when it comes to the State's property tax or rent rebate program for seniors despite any offers they may receive.
 "Seniors are coming in saying that they   have received letters   from a senior advisory center in Harrisburg and that they will fill out the   rebates for them for a fee of 39 dollars."

Agency employees say they are just one of many resources available to help seniors fill out the rebate forms for free. Those familiar with the effort say it’s good to warn seniors about anyone trying to sell them unnecessary services.

"Absolutely, there are people out there all the time trying to take advantage of and they are vulnerable because they been raise to be trustful and so they are an easy mark."

Because the state property tax and rent rebate program is legitimate, the offer of help does sound good.  But because it represents an unnecessary expense, some area seniors say they appreciate the warning.

"I mean they are taking advantage of  the people the senior who  are, probably don't know  that they can do it them selves   or get the area agency on aging  to help them  with out a fee"
 While there is nothing illegal about  this offer of help  for seniors, the agency on aging wanted to make the point that  there is no need to spend almost forty dollars  for paperwork assistance when program are in place to provide  that  help for free.

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