Volunteer Firefighters Needed

Number of volunteers has dropped consistently.
TYRONE, BLAIR COUNTY - A number of fires kept fire fighters in the region busy this weekend, but they say they're lacking manpower.
Since the 1970's the number of volunteer firefighters in Pennsylvania has dropped from more than 300,00 to 76,000.
Thanks to a federal grant, 32 fire companies throughout the region are looking for new recruits.
One local firefighter says companies have had to respond to fires undermanned.
He says that hurts not only the quality of response, but also endangers firefighters who are trying to do more with less.
"Daylight is really a bad time because fortunately a lot of people are working but unfortunately that cuts down on the number of people available especially during the daylight hours," Bill O’Brien of the Neptune Volunteer Fire Company in Tyrone says.

For more information on how to become a firefighter and the benefits that come with it click here.
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