Vet Dogs Trained to Help Those Who Fought for Our Freedom

Vet Dogs Trained to Help Those Who Fought for Our Freedom

Two very different groups of people with special needs are getting help from one very special group of dogs. <br /><br /><br />
The Waverly nonprofit Retrieving Freedom is training service dogs in eastern Iowa.

Imagine this: Traveller the dog opens the front door of your home.
He searches the house for intruders.  And barks when he finds them.

Now imagine -- you're a veteran with PTSD and you use that service -- and countless others -- every day.
Thats how veteran Chad Johnson and his service dog Copper live.

As Johnson explains, "To turn light switches on if night terrors get into me at night and get me to realize I'm here at home I'm not overseas."

In 2009 , Retrieving Freedom Founder Scott Dewey realized there was a shortage of service dogs for vets in the midwest.

As Dewey recalls, "It was horrible. Guys trying for years and years to get a service dog, and the public awareness of the needs of a service dog were almost nonexistent."

But since Retrieving Freedom started just 18 months ago, Scott and his partners in Mississippi have placed 9 dogs with veterans and kids with Autism using different types of dogs to suit the different needs of those communities.

Retrieving Freedom is within $70,000 of it's goal to build a new facility.
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