U.S.S. Somerset Commissioning Planned

Commissioning set for March.
The Commissioning of the U.S.S. Somerset has been set for this coming spring   in Philadelphia.  Now a big funding raising campaign is under way in Somerset County to help cover the cost of that celebration.
Already in the hands of the Navy,   the formal commissioning of this amphibious transport dock    has now been set for March first.   Because of the name of this navy ship, there is plenty of excitement about the scheduled commissioning in the Somerset community.
Organizers of the ceremony say this will be an historic event that will bring the warship to life.  There is a long tradition of naval commissioning any time a new ship in officially brought on line.
In the case of the U.S.S Somerset, because this ship will serve a reminder of the sacrifices made aboard Fight # 93, community supporters are planning an active role in helping to raise $50,000  to help cover the cost of the  commissioning ceremony  to be held at Penns Landing in Philadelphia. The drive to help dedicate the ship is already drawing plenty of local interest.

"We are hoping to raise, like I said,  we are hoping to raise  50 thousand dollars, from the County  in cash funds to help  with the commissioning,    and  then we are also,  we are almost up to 500 people that have already signed up to attend,   from Somerset county.  So I think that is very impressive."   

Special tour buses have been booked and will be carrying guests from the Somerset area to Philadelphia for that commissioning ceremony.  The deadline for making a reservation is Saturday November 23'rd for any one interested in taking part.
For more information on how you can get involved in attending or supporting the commissioning of the U.S.S. Somerset, you should contact Janet Vatavuk  at (814) 467-5137 of  by e-mail at  janetvatavuk@gmail. com.    

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