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Two Bodies Found in Home

Husband and Wife found dead in home.
SOMERSET COUNTY - State Police are investigating what appears to be a murder suicide in Somerset County.
Troopers were called to a home in Stoneycreek Township early Monday afternoon where they found two bodies.
 State police have identified the two people who died in the home as 59 year old Karen Louise Harkcom and 57 year old Michael David Harkcom. They were a married couple and troopers say this appears to be a self-contained incident.

It was just after noon when State Troopers arrived at the home on Shanksville Road not far from the Pennsylvania Turnpike in  Stoneycreek Township Somerset County.  They were called to the home because relatives had not heard from the couple who lived here and had grown worried.

"We received a call   from a family member, who expressed concern   that there was not any contact   with the family members   for an unusual amount of time and the Troopers responded and made the discovery. " 

The discovery they made was the bodies of the husband and wife inside the home.  It appears that both had been shot to death but no official cause of death will be released pending further investigation.

 "We are currently investigating the manner and the cause of death    to these two individuals at this point, we are not releasing any further details.   Pending an autopsy which is scheduled for tomorrow morning. " 

 State police say they are talking to additional family members and gathering additional information.  But it appears there is no danger to anyone else in the community.

"At this point there is no reason for anyone one else in the neighborhood or the area to be concerned.  This is a self contained incident, at this residence."  

State Police said the couple were the only residents of the home  on Shanksville Road.


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