Tuesday's Tails: Meet Little John & Ally

Tuesday's Tails: Meet Little John & Ally

In this edition of Tuesday's Tails, we shine the spotlight on Beagle 911!
Meet Little John and Ally from Beagle 911!

Little John, who also goes by "LJ" has quite the personality.  He likes to play ball and tug, but his favorite spot in the world is being curled up in your lap.  LJ is fun, lovable, and very happy.  As far as Beagles go, he is average sized, and tips the scales at 28 pounds.  LJ gets along great with other dogs, and loves to play, but is perfectly content being a couch potato too.  He is both crate trained and house trained, but could use a little help learning how to walk better on a leash.

Ally is a very small beagle!  She weighs only 13 pounds, and is about ten inches at the shoulder.  Unfortunately, Ally is the victim of some traumatic abuse, and for that reason, she has a tendency to be timid in new situations.  She will however, warm up to you once she gets to know you, and then there's no stopping her!  She loves to cuddle, and loves being a lap dog.  Ally is good with cats, and loves other dogs, but because of her past, it would be best if she went to a home without small children, as that may be too overwhelming for her.  Volunteers guess that Ally is about three years old.  Beagle 911 acquired her after she was involved in a terrible accident, that almost left Ally without her ear.  Thankfully, vets have provided excellent care to her, and she is recovering very well.  Ally is a total sweetheart, and looking for someone to give her a lot of TLC.

Beagle 911 is an all-foster rescue.  This allows the dogs to get acclimated to living in a home, and also allows the foster parents to learn all about the dogs, and then subsequently share all that information (both good and bad) with potential adoptive parents.

Interested in adopting one of the dogs?  Head to one of Beagle 911's Adoption Events.

Beagle 911 Adoption Events
When: Every Sunday from 11:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m.
Where: Sportsman's Liquidators (Benner Pike, State College) & Tractor Supply (Benner Pike, State College)
*Also available by appointment
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