Trick or Treating on Halloween

Trick or Treating on Halloween

No need to reschedule this year.
It was a break with local tradition this year.  For the first time in several years, Halloween "trick or treating" was scheduled for the actual holiday in many area communities.
Moving holiday "trick or treating" off of Halloween is a Blair County tradition. But because of the way the calendar falls this year, collecting candy was actually done on Halloween and that made plenty of people happy.
In many Central Pennsylvania communities including Altoona, Logan Township and Duncansville,  it has become  standard practice to move Halloween trick or treating to a Thursday in late October.
       But because the thirty first fell on Thursday this year, the holiday celebration was scheduled for Halloween night.  And that made plenty of people happy.

"I think we are going to have more kids out today   you know why?  Because this is the day   that it should be celebrated,   and I think it will give the kids the chance to   just get out and have a good time,    and I just think that is the way it is supposed to be." 

 Many people who have moved to this area say they don't understand shifting   Halloween in most years.

"Its normal to us to do it on the 31st so we find it very strange that  they do it on the Thursday before Halloween."  

 But for police departments involved with scheduling trick or treat nights, a uniform Thursday night candy collection makes sense for manpower and safety reasons.

"So we just tried to make it a little simpler years past by trying to coordinate and have it   as many as possible on the same night."     

Still there are plenty of traditionalists who believe this holiday is not one that should be moved for the sake of convenience.

"Well Halloween is on the 31st that is when it is supposed to be.   They should keep it on the 31st no matter what day." 
The local confusion over when to go trick or treating is likely to return next year when Halloween falls of Friday.

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