Toddler’s Death Sparks Investigation, Controversy

Toddler’s Death Sparks Investigation, Controversy

Some of the 2-year-old's organs were donated before an autopsy was performed.
WOODLAND, CLEARFIELD COUNTY – The death of a two-year-old girl from Clearfield County has sparked an investigation into the cause and created controversy in Pittsburgh.

Court documents show the toddler, Sophia, had some symptoms, that could be associated with Shaken Baby Syndrome, before she died the morning of November 17th from what doctors call a “brain death” at Pittsburgh Children’s Hospital.

When Sophia died, the Center for Organ Recovery and Education contacted her parents and received consent to have her organs be donated. At the same time, the Clearfield County District Attorney filed a motion to secure an autopsy before donation to prevent any possible evidence from being tampered with.

An emergency hearing was called Monday evening with the Clearfield County DA and CORE. The judge faced the decision of saving a 7-year-old girl’s life through organ donation or having an autopsy completed that could be used in any possible investigation.

The judge made the decision to move forward with the organ donation, and an autopsy will be performed without the organs.

Court documents also show the doctors performing the transplant were careful to not have procedure affect evidence, but some evidence could be gone.

The investigation is ongoing. No charges have been filed against anyone in this case.

WTAJ will bring you more details as they become available.
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