Today's Two Cents: March 26

Today's Two Cents: March 26

From crazy shoe designs to park-playing pets, Sarah and Dawn share today's two cents.

Did you know dogs love playground equipment as much as kids do? Tom to dog shows off his sliding skills. This would probably terrify most dogs, but Tom seems to have a great time.

Since we're talking shoes later on the show, we thought we'd show you some of the most unusualy shoes ever designed.
I'm not even sure you can buy some of these - because some don't even look like you could walk in them!

Back on the animal track - we introduce you to Doug Hamilton, who works with lions.  When he announced he was leaving, the little lion cubs came trotting out to give him hugs and kisses!

Fashion Forward Dress
We're showcasing an unusual dress. It lights up as you sing! It's a voice activated gown that response with a colorful light show. 

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