Today's Two Cents: June 6, 2013

Today's Two Cents: June 6, 2013

<P>Vintage McDonald's with a royal connection? A very unusual household song and a salute to World War II Vets with a special mail call: It's all in Today's Two Cents!<br></P>

On Today's Two Cents in honor of McDonald's unveiling their new healthy options on our show today we decided to turn back the clock and pay homage to Mcdonalds original classic, the Big Mac. It's a jingle everyone has probably heard at one time or another about one of America's most well known burgers. See how long it takes you to start singing along.

We also have an incredible music performance by a very talented artist who performed Macklemore and Ryan Lewis', "Can't Hold Us" just with objects around his house and a keyboard. This is one talented musician!

Lastly we paid tribute to the 69th anniversary of D-Day and the invasion of Normandy with a video about a mail call that was many years in the making. Because soldiers were on the front lines it made it very difficult for them to receive their letters from loved ones, so "Honor Flight" stepped in to get them their long overdue letter.

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