Today's Two Cents June 13, 2013

Today's Two Cents June 13, 2013

Science, kid-pirate auditions, fireflies as you've never seen them before and a real kitchen klutz: It's all in Today's Two Cents!

Today's Two Cents features an amazing video that visually demonstrates how resonance (or vibrations) affects salt placed on vibrating plate at different frequencies.

Next, we check out a video of children auditioning for a pirate-theme commercial. Check out this video to hear what kids have to say about a certain profession, as it's compared to pirating!

Back to science for the third video, we see an incredible long exposure shoot of fireflies creating beautiful images.

And finally, it's National Kitchen Klutzes Day, so Producer Matt found a funny commercial featuring a man who simply cannot find his way around the kitchen.

Check out the attached video to see what Sarah and Dawn are talking about today!

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