Today's Two Cents 7-16-13

In Today's Two Cents we've got pets taking center stage in honor of Tuesday's Tails and we've also got a mission accomplished for Dawn when Joe Murgo issued a challenge to her.
For Today's Two Cents, we were amused by a mom who got a surprise when she set up a spy camera to find out how her chair mysteriously moved throughout the day - and saw it was her clever beagle moving the chair to gain access to the kitchen counter and, of course, human food! Next, we saw a dog with a unique trick - most dogs can sit or roll over on command, but this one can act out different emotions!  Then we giggled as a cat leaped out of the way of dad's stinky feet. Finally, Dawn accepted Joe Murgo's challenge - and found a video to top yesterday's video of a dancing lemon, proving two things: you can find anything online, and don't test Dawn!
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