Today's Two Cents 6-17-2013

Today's Two Cents 6-17-2013

We have belated tributes to Dad, a special cooking dance and quite possibly the largest funnel cake you've ever seen.<br>

A Father's Day gift makes a crash landing in our first Two Cents video. This model air plane might have an unlicensed pilot. Check out this video to see what happens. Although this mishap looks painful, in the end. Dad got a model airplane for Father's Day and the family got a great story for the dinnertable.


Our next video features two young guys taking an interest in some culinary arts with a slight twist. These two friends created dance moves to correspond with their eccentric cooking techniques. From burger flipping to pizza tossing these boys dance it all.


Family chores got you down? Well we found a way to cut down the time spent on folding laundry to roughly two seconds a shirt.  This man posted a video to teach us how to fold with lightning speed with any type of shirt. Apparently that's how he spent his new found time. Check it out!


The summer is known for festivals and county fairs. Our favorite part? The food! However, this youtuber took his love of funnel cakes a little far. This man is trying to break the world's record for the largest funnel cake ever mad. We don't know if he got the record but he sure does a fantastic job

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