Today's Two Cents: 5/1/12

In Today's Two Cents, Dawn and Sarah discuss doggie love and a family of singers!
Sarah's first video shows just why dogs are considered man's best friend.  The Husky in the video won't let go of the owners hand as they take a car ride together. Too cute!

Dawn is also talking dogs today.  Her first video is the first meeting between a dog and cattle.  You  can even hear the pet owners reaction and the cows start to jump and move when the dog does!

Sarah switched things up for video three - it's a family that sings together on the road. Queen's "Bohemian Rhapsody" is the song of choice for their daily commute.

And to wrap things up, Dawn shows us a guard dog that seems afraid of his little friend. Watch as a mini-stuffed dog makes the Doberman anxious!
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