Today's Two Cents 3-23-12

Today's Two Cents
Watch as this group of guys, who call themselves "Dude Perfect", make the world's largest sling shot. Afterwards, they shoot a basketball into a hoop from quite some distance. Who knows how many attempts this took!

Ever want a pet pig? Well, this little guy, Hamlet, loves his oatmeal. He is adorable as he walks his way down the stairs to reach his beloved oatmeal. When he reaches the last step, he makes a big jump for the delicious food.

If you love some danger and beauty in one, this video is for you! These synchro gliders paraglide together in a synchronized fashion, sort of like synchronized swimming. The big difference is that these guys are in the air.

In the last video of the day, we have a belly dancer strutting her stuff in her room. She looks great as she twirls and dances until she goes a little too far. Embarrassingly, but to our enjoyment, she gets herself caught in the curtains to her window and ends up falling to the ground.
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