Today's Two Cents 10 28 2013

Today's Two Cents 10 28 2013

Proof that some dogs really do love getting a bath, cold plated contacts, a smart dog with a keen eye for a cup game and a car covered in Big Mouth Bass toys. It's all in Today's Two Cents.

Dogs who love getting a bath, gold plated contacts for your eyes and more! It's all in Today's Two Cents.

First, Sarah shares a video of two dogs who just love getting squeaky clean in the tub. Their excitement is caught on video by their pet parents!

Dawn's first video features some strange and unusual fashion trends from around the world including super tan faces with white make up, 3-D nails, gold plated contacts and living creature jewelry!

Sarah also shares video of Coco the dog who is a master at keeping her eye on the prize. She can beat her pet parent at the cup and ball game. She finds the ball under the cup every time.

Dawn wraps up with a very strange piece of art work that combines a car with the popular "Big Mount Bass" toy. The car is covered in them and they are all playing at the same time! Can you imagine? You don't have to. Just watch Today's Two Cents!

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