Tiny Batteries a Holiday Hazard for Kids

Tiny Batteries a Holiday Hazard for Kids

They're in everything from musical ornaments to flameless candles.

The holidays are full of lights and sounds, some of which are made possible by button batteries. They bring  a number of ornaments, flameless candles and other holiday trinkets to life.

Unfortunately, if a battery is removed from a device and swallowed by a child, it can cause a serious injury or even death. U.S. Poison Control Centers report 3500 incidents of this type every year.

The most dangerous type of button batteries are about the size of a nickel and can easily  lodge in a small child's esophagus.  They can cause erosion of the esophagus or swallowing tube or in the stomach. They can obstruct an airway or they can obstruct swallowing

Accidental ingestions can happen quickly and be hard to spot. Often, there are no symptoms until serious injuries have occurred.

If your child complains of chest or belly pain,is gagging,coughing, choking or drooling - take them to the E.R.  immediately.


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