Three Found Guilty in 4th Fest Assault

Three Found Guilty in 4th Fest Assault

The trio were found guilty of attacking a man after the July 4th festivities.
BELLEFONTE, CENTRE COUNTY – Three men were found guilty in a non-jury trial in Centre County Monday for their parts in the assault of a man after 4th Fest in State College.

According to court documents, Joshua Carovinci, Christopher Stout, and Charles Stout refused to move for a vehicle attempting to enter traffic. The trio threatened the driver and his family, including his 12-month-old daughter, and challenged the driver to a fight. Carovinci proceeded to kick the car, causing more than $1,000 in damage.

When the driver attempted to get the trio’s name, he was pushed to the ground and all three began kicking and punching the victim. The victim sustained a broken wrist, multiple bruises and abrasions to his body and neck.

The trio fled in two vehicles the wrong way down a one-way street after Christopher Stout attempted to cover the license plate of his car with a t-shirt.

The defendants will be sentenced November 26th in Centre County Court.

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