The Long & Short of Extensions at Changing Times Hair Design

If you thought the path to thicker, fuller hair started with hair that was already thick and full, think again. Changing Times Hair Design is changing the way you view extensions, and it all starts with a consultation.
Changing Times Hair Design Studio in State College, offers so many fantastic services, but they are perhaps best known for their hair extension work.
So if you thought the path to thicker, fuller hair started with hair that was already thick and full, think again.  They are changing the way you view extensions, and it all starts with a consultation.
Chances are, when you walk into Changing Times Hair Design, you’ll be greeted by extension superstar, Susie Alters.
"The myth for hair extension is, a lot of times, females with long full hair are the only clients who can come through the door and be right for that type of work,” said Alters.
But Susie is here to say, that simply isn’t true.  Thanks to years of extensive research and continuing education, the stylists at Changing Times are able to give any client who walks through the door, that thick, full, bold style they’re looking for.
"For those clients are fine and thinning, a lot of times they feel that they have no where to turn, they can't have that full, luscious hair like our movie stars and our musical artists have,” said Alters.  “Where in reality, if the service is done correctly, and if you're educated in the right direction of which extension attachment is right for you, you can have just as thick and as full hair as Beyonce or Kim Kardashian as the client next to you does."
For some clients, especially those suffering from severe hair loss, achieving that look might require more than just extensions.
"If we find a client is too fine or too thin at the top, where we wouldn't be able to hide the attachment, we can incorporate a top piece, which could be either an integrated piece, or a custom design piece, that we can either snap or have bonded to their hair, so that they can have fullness all over and not just at the ends of their hair,” said Alters.
All of that is ironed out during a consultation, which lasts anywhere between 45 minutes to an hour, and helps to get the client and the stylist on the same page.
"The consultation process is so important,” said Alters.  “It really determines what a client is looking for, versus what a client desires.  Obviously, what we're looking for and what we desire are so different, because we have an idea of what we want, or what we've seen in the past, so we apply that to what we are expecting to look like when we're done."
Changing Times Hair Design offers five different types of extensions to account for all different hair types, textures, thicknesses, and price points.
They offer clip on extensions, which are designed for temporary wear, and can be taken in and out by the client.  The four remaining attachment types they offer are far more permanent.
"Our tape-on extensions, our lineal extensions, and then our two different types of strand-by-strand, which is our heat fusion and our cold fusion which is our micro-link system," said Alters.
All of the extensions are made from 100% real human hair, which has been cleaned and treated.  They also come in a wide variety of colors, and in a wide range of price points.
"We have our good, better and best,” said Alters.  “Our extensions come in different varieties, both in the attachment that we have, and then also in the price range, because we understand that some clients are able to put a little more in their hair, and other clients still would love the work to be done, but need something that's a little more reasonable for them."
So, no matter what you’re looking for, chances are, you’ll find it here.

"We're very compassionate about every client that comes in, and just want to make sure that they have a smile on their face when they leave, and when they come back,” said Alters.
Changing Times Hair Design does charge $50 for the consultation, but that is applied as a down payment for the actual service. 

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