The Good and Bad of the Budget

The Good and Bad of the Budget

Some groups got funding back in Thursday night’s budget, but some are still feeling left out.
PHILIPSBURG, CLEARFIELD COUNTY - Some groups got funding back in Thursday night’s budget, but some are still feeling left out.

The US Senate passed a 1.1 trillion dollar spending bill that will keep the government running through September 30th. The legislation came out of last month's bi-partisan budget deal and takes the threat of another government shutdown off the table. The House of Representatives passed the measure earlier this week and it now heads to President Obama's desk for his signature.

In that budget there's a billion dollars heading back to the Head Start Program and officials that run those programs say there’s a real need for it.

Andrew Maines is a Head Start success story. The program helped him get over a speech impediment and succeed at school, went to college, and has a job.

Dr. Gene Kephart has been with Cen Clear Services for more than 30 years. He's glad that billion dollars is coming back into the program after their five percent cut last year. Half of that money will go towards an early head start program that will focus on pre-natal through three years old. He says it will be good for the whole community.

Andrew really feels like head start made a difference in his life and he's glad to see more kids could have the same opportunity because funding is coming back to the program.

But one other group feels like they're being singled out because none of their funding was restored. Last year's cuts also took away the cost of living increase for military retirees. The money was not restored to that program in the bill.

Now a Veteran’s Service Officer that works with veterans filing claims is worried about what could be cut next.
He understands some kind of bill needed to be passed, but he's urging people to tell their lawmakers to restore military retirees funding.
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