The Biggest Community Health Worry

The Biggest Community Health Worry

New survey asks residents, what's wrong?

If somebody asked you to name the most important issue affecting the health of your family and your community, what would you say?

Blair County residents, businesses and other organizations answered questions like that, in a survey required of local hospitals by the Affordable Care Act.

Earlier this year, 3,000 surveys went out to Blair County families. Businesses and organizations also weighed in.
Their  number one issue in the health of the community? Unemployment and under-employment

Next, residents said the number one health issue affecting their family  obesity and overweight. The number three concern highlighted in the survey--mental health issues for children and teenagers.

The fourth issue identified by the community, abuse of alcohol and other substances, including  tobacco.
Coleen Heim, the Executive Director the Healthy Blair County Coalition says efforts are underway to address all of these issues. The big task  is to get all of the local groups working together on them.

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