The Benefits of Giving Back

Guidance Councelor Barron Whited explains how teaching your kids to give back now can help them later in life.

Barron Whited, Guidance Counselor, is back to share explain the benefits of teaching kids to give back during the holidays.

Barron says volunteering at charites can:

Helps Others
Teach Life Skills
Provide Job Opportunities
Help children and young adults meet new friends
Build the resume

"As the Holidays are rapidly approaching, parents are busy putting up decorations, preparing for family gatherings, and attending school activities. However, this is a wonderful time of year to teach kids the importance of lending a helping hand to those less fortunate," Whited says. "Parents can find venues for volunteering in their local communities, such as: a food bank, a soup kitchen, or charity for a struggling neighbor." - Barron Whited, MS.ED, K-12 School Counselor Certified

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