Test Detects Pregnancy Complication

Detects severe high blood pressure.

Researchers say they have discovered the world's first test to accurately diagnose a complication during  pregnancy that can be deadly.

Pre-eclampsia, a severe type of high blood pressure, is potentially fatal for the mother and baby. Doctors at King's College London say testing the level of a protein  before 35 weeks can accurately diagnose pre-eclampsia  before it develops.
Researcher Dr. Lucy Chappell says, "if you have very low levels of this protein called placental growth factor, it reflects the fact that your placenta is not growing well, and that is at the heart of the disease."
Dr. Chappell says the test is 96 percent accurate and  could save the lives of hundreds of babies. Researchers are also conducting a study on this test and hope to have results they can present to the FDA next year.
Pre-eclampsia affects about 8 percent of women .

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