Teen Attacked by Black Bear

Teen Attacked by Black Bear

The PA Game Commission is investigating a bear attack on an 18-year-old woman.
PORTER TWP., CLINTON COUNTY - State Police said the PA Game Commission is investigating a black bear attack near Lock Haven.

According to troopers at the Lamar Barracks, 18-year-old Camille Bomboy, no address given, was hunting deer at a family farm Monday afternoon when she was charged by a large black bear.  The farm is located in Mill Hall on Jacksonville Road.

They said she was "driving" deer when she saw 3 cubs.  That's when she turned around and saw the large bear. 

Police said Bomboy suffered multiple deep tissue bites to her arms and shoulders and a deep cut on her head.

The teen's step-father was able to scare the bear off. 

She was taken to Lock Haven Hospital then transferred to Geisinger Medical Center where she underwent surgery.

No word on her condition.
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