Technique May Boost Fertility

Technique May Boost Fertility

Scratching the womb may make IVF more effective.

British scientists  say a simple scratch could nearly double a woman's chances of successful in-vitro fertilization.

Researchers at Nottingham University teamed up with doctors in Brazil to study the success of a technique known as "endometrial scratching." They claim gently scratching the lining of the womb in the month before IVF dramatically improves a woman's chance of getting pregnant.

The scratching technique is not new, but British scientists say performing the 15 minute treatment at an optimal time boosts the rate of pregnancy and the number of babies born.

Researchers  studied 158 women who had undergone unsuccessful fertility procedures. Seventy-sevenreceived the scratch.

Scientists say in the women who had the procedure, the pregnancy rate jumped to 49 percent from 29 percent and  the number of live births nearly doubled to 42 percent from 23 percent.

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