Take A Cab In Cambria

Take A Cab In Cambria

It was announced Thursday you can take a free cab ride home News year’s Eve in Johnstown.

RICHLAND TOWNSHIP, CAMBRIA COUNTY--- It was announced Thursday you can take a free cab ride home News Year’s Eve in Johnstown.

“A free ride home with a taxi, from your drinking establishment, not to bar hop,” said Senator John Wozniak.

The “take a cab” program has been in Blair County for the past several years and has proven to be successful.  It’s why officials in Cambria County decided to take a jab at it.

"What we're attempting to do is make sure this New Years Eve is very safe,” said Wozniak.  “This has been successful in Blair and we want to carry it over in to Cambria County."

“We want to turn people away from making a bad decision,” said Kelly Callihan, District Attorney.  “We do not want people driving home impaired.”

“The average DUI could result in jail time and cost thousands in fines,” said Richland Township Police Chief Mike Burgan.

The “Take A Cab” program is available to anyone headed home New Year’s Eve and lives within a 15 mile radius in the Johnstown area.  Nearly $2,000 has been raised or donated to help cover cost.

‘We want people to get home safe,” said Wozniak.  “We are not worried about that guy who is drinking we’re worried about who he may hit- so please call and take a cab home.”

To take a cab call 814-535-4584, it starts at 10:00 pm New Years Eve and runs through to 3:00 am.

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