Support Growing for Pre-K Education

Support Growing for Pre-K Education

Effort to expand programs
ALTOONA - A new campaign is underway to support access to high quality pre-kindergarten education in Pennsylvania.   There appears to be plenty of support for the effort in this part of the state.
The campaign that   kicked off yesterday is called "Pre-K for   P-A."   Supporters say they want to increase access to high quality early education programs for all of the very young students who could benefit.
In the former Washington Jefferson Elementary school building, classrooms are now filled with energetic three and four year olds who are getting  some early  exposure to public education.  The people in charge of the Altoona Area School districts learning express say these   very young students take valuable lessons away from their morning or afternoon programs.

"It prepares them to be successful kindergarten students and successful students throughout their life in school.   Here in pre- school they learn they can   leave their family home and leave their mother   and come away for a while and get back to their home, their guardian their family and be safe about it." 

Supporters of the campaign for expanded Pre-K access say only about twenty percent of Pennsylvania  three and four year olds currently have access to high quality  pre - k programs.  That's why they are pushing  to expand  existing  efforts  like those offered  through  "Begin With Us" pre school .

"Build support, build awareness, and the big thing too is to make   legislators aware, part of the vision and the goal for this new campaign is to make legislators, every legislator aware of the positive outcomes from high quality early care."
Backers of the "Pre-K for P-A"   educational effort are also trying to build community support for expanding programs that may be making a big difference for those who participate.
"The children progress wonderfully in this classroom.   A lot of them come into the classroom not ready at all and by the time that they spend two years in our program,   they move on ready for kindergarten."

The half day learning express program offered by the Altoona area school district is free for anyone who lives in that district.  Supporters of this early education push want to see those opportunities available to all pre school students in the state.
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