Students, University React To NCAA Ruling

Students say something positive is a welcomed change.
UNIVERSITY PARK, CENTRE COUNTY - One year and two months after the NCAA levied major sanctions against Penn State, the university finally received some good news.
 “I think it's about time. I mean why punish the future generations, and fans and players that are coming in for the past sins of other people,” Penn State Freshmen Tyler Wisniewski says.
Penn State President Rodney Erickson said the decision was a welcome one, and in a statement said the decision now opens up more opportunities for student athletes to choose Penn State.
Fans are more than happy to see head coach Bill O'Brien armed with a few more weapons at his disposal.
“He'll get better players definitely,” Penn State Freshmen Cameron Hart says.
“The talent's going to increase obviously. He's done great with what he's had so with more its only going to get better,” Wisniewski says.
Both the university and students hope this step is just the first, but for now, they say a little bit of weight has been taken off their shoulders.
“It's a relief. All you hear is bad news and the dark spot on Penn State and finally something great has happened,” Wisniewski says.
As part of his statement President Erickson thanked the hundreds of faculty, staff, students and alumni who helped implement the changes that lead to not only the NCAA's decision Tuesday, but what he called a better Penn State.

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