String Of Drug Arrests A Positive Sign

Law enforcement encouraged by recent drug busts.
ALTOONA - Local law enforcement agencies say 16 arrests in the last six days is a sign their making progress towards fixing the drug problem, and now the goal is making sure it doesn't get any worse.
It started with 11 arrests last week.
Then on Tuesday night five more people were taken into custody. All charged for dealing heroin and crack cocaine.
"We're starting to see a little bit of a trend come back around. Some out of town people coming back, plus we're seeing some people arrested five or six years ago coming back and doing the same thing," Jim Walstrom from the Blair County Drug Task Force says.
Walstrom says the reason so many dealers return is the need.
“As long as there's demand there will be supply and you can make more money.,” Walstrom says.
But law enforcement says the problem isn't as bad as it used to be.
They credit the community for leading them to these arrests after numerous calls to the “Push Out The Pusher” hotline created by Operation Our Town.
“That's a sign that the community is helping. We've seen the increase in the calls and the increase in the success from law enforcement so we know it is working. We know the community is out there with their eyes open and it's a community effort to keep these drug dealers out of Blair County,” Randy Feathers says.
and as more progress is made in fighting the areas drug problem, the goal now is making sure it stays that way.
“Our situation now is that we want to keep it going. We don't want these people to come back. We don't want the violence and the drug gangs coming,” Feathers says.
"We're going to investigate quickly, arrest them quickly and put them in jail quickly," Walstrom says.
Law enforcement officials say tips from the community are the fastest way for them to get drugs and drug dealers off the street. If you see anything suspicious you're urged to use the “Push Out the Pusher” Hotline at 814-693-3020.

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